Manage Risk, Compliance and Sales Together

A platform that makes compliance a rewarding experience and streamlines organization of your relationships

Compliance, Risk and Review management
Sales pipeline, Referral mangement
KYC, Statutory Documents, Policies
Contacts, Relationships, Entities
Alerts, Reminders, Tasks and Messaging
Dashboards & Reporting

Compliance tracking

    • Compete for the “most compliant award”
    • Relationships, Contacts, Companies, Entities, Teams and Users score
    • Dashboard with Teams comparison
    • Document and Descriptor based policies
    • Compliance driven Client Reviews
    • Contact KYC workflow

Alerts, Reminder, Tasks and Messaging

    • Automated and manual Alerts and Reminders
    • Tasks
    • Intuitive association with main modules
    • Messaging between users with references
    • Summary emails for missed messages
    • Full features on your mobile devices

Risk classification

    • Automated risk classification and review schedule
    • Applicable to Relationships
    • Custom fields driven
    • Reminders and Alerts
    • Full history and timeline
    • Flexible checklists
    • Custom levels adjustable to your model

Powerful reporting

    • Full Reporting against Relationships, Contacts, and Entities
    • One-click export to Excel, PDF or HTML
    • Custom fields auto plugin
    • User-defined custom reporting
    • Public or Private feature to allow cross-organizational sharing
    • Out of the box regulatory reporting
    • Feature-rich with conditional formatting, formula, and field manipulation

Insightful dashboards

    • Personal, Company, Sales and Alerts dashboards
    • Non-compliance insights
    • Sales pipeline and referral by contact and company
    • Team snapshots and compliance comparison
    • “Watercooler” dashboard feature for the company in the hallway display