Reduce Risk
Optimize Business
Simplify Compliance

An all-in-one CRM and Entity Governance platform that delivers a unified point of oversight into various entities, enabling greater efficiencies, risk management, and compliance.

Risk Based Approach Compliance​

Customer information is delivered in such a way that you can have a holistic view of risks associated with contacts, clients, entities and relationships and it is easier to take a risk-based approach to your decisions.

Risk summary cards

Quickly visualize and understand how relationships, related entities, and contacts are contributing to overall risk rating.

Custom risk descriptors with weighted conditions

Configure your risk rating model by adding your own risk factors and associated weighting that reflects your organization’s risk and tolerance.

Customizable risk rating system

Set a risk threshold and schedule reviews during the onboarding stage. Set up alerts and reminders for periodic reviews.

Custom risk reviews checklists

Create risk rating scales for relationships, contacts and entities to meet your specific regulatory demands.

Country risk rating

Use the Basel AML index or establish your own rating to easily implement geographical and geopolitical risks into your customer risk rating.

Streamline Onboarding and KYC Compliance Process

KYC compliance solution allowing to tailor your account opening procedures while implementing a layered approach to customer onboarding to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.

Onboarding procedures

Ensure all required information and checks are done as required by your organization’s policies.


Screen individuals and entities against World-Check sanctions and watchlists.

Ultimate beneficial ownership

Document and visualize corporate structure maps to comply with beneficial ownership reporting obligations.


Securely collect, track, and store all client statutory documents required for compliance.

Effective screening against lists of your choice

Our integration with World-Check means you don’t need another third-party screening company. Along with our technology, our solution ensures that you get consistent guidance on how to manage matches and actions when the risk level of contact or entity changes.

Sanctions and watch lists

Screen against lists such as the U.S.’ Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN) list, and consolidated lists used by the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United Nations.

PEP search

Screen individuals to check whether they are a Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) or a relative and close associate (RCA) of a known PEP.

SIPs, SIEs and adverse media

Check whether your clients are a special interest person (SIP) or a special interest entity (SIE), such as a person who has been under investigation or convicted of serious financial or organized crime.


Utilize built-in case monitoring and automated KYC updates based on new matches.

Connections and associations

Make informed decisions by reviewing related individuals, institutional connections and associations.

KYC Summary

Full record keeping and summary of compliance related documents, match resolutions, reviews, signature capture and comments.

Easy and Intuitive

Quickly identify compliance gaps

Our colour-coding allows for easy identification of what needs to be addressed next.

Map beneficial ownership data ​

We help you map ownership structure of a company and make it easier to identify connections between entities, and contacts.

Customer information at your fingertips

View all the information of contact or entity in one location.

Make share capital management easier

Document entity’s share allocation highlighting beneficial ownership to contacts and sub-entities.

We Serve

Privork provides entity governance, KYC/KYB, risk and compliance management, and cybersecurity governance technology solutions to a broad array of clients within the banking and financial services industries, including:

Total control through comprehensive governance solutions

PRIV.DRM is an entity governance solution empowering organizations to reduce risk, simplify compliance and optimize internal processes.

Instruments for navigating risk and promoting proactive management
Easing the challenges of customer verification and discovery
Optimized due diligence and adverse media collection on individuals and entities worldwide with built-in monitoring process against sanctions, watchlists and other data sources.
Unravelling the complexities of meeting cybersecurity regulations
Single point of oversight into your clients, vendors, and counterparties including self and third-party assessment, document destruction policies and dark web scan..

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Experience peace of mind with our products, where trust in technology meets the pinnacle of reliability.

About Privork

We are focused on supporting the success of trusts, intermediaries, and fiduciary providers with our unique entity governance platform that is sophisticated yet easy to use and simplifies all aspects of entity management, compliance, risk, and cybersecurity regulatory requirements. Book a meeting with us to discuss your unique needs.