Compliance - KYC - CDD on PrivDRM


Everything has a

Intelligent compliance scoring for Relationships, Contacts, Companies, Entities, Teams, and Users.

Scoring is based on documents and data-driven custom policies. Never miss anything as everything has a compliance score, including you.


Work from

Designed to provide anytime, anywhere access to the full platform and experience. The platform adapts to your firm’s devices, offering flexibility to continue your business anywhere in the world, regardless of the device.

Compliance - KYC - CDD on PrivDRM

Privacy and Protection

Security at the core

Multi-factor authentication
Mandatory 2FA login with Invitation code
Secure User connection
SSL with top tiered certificate authority
Document encryption
Containerization, including images and documents
Secured routing
Vaulted connection secret keys
User Activity
Full timeline and audit
IP Filtering and custom routing rules
Data separation
Single-tenancy and dedicated databases
User restriction
Granular Roles and right management


Compliance should be motivational and

You read that right. We think compliance can and should be a competition. It brings out the best in us and is a way to measure our efficiency.

How? By making it personal.

Risk Automation and Transformation

organization of your relationships and make risk and compliance a rewarding experience.

PRIV.DRM is a new, simpler way to track your compliance and risk obligations. It’s an industry disrupting platform that transforms compliance into an enjoyable experience while managing all other aspects of your client’s portfolio.

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Flexible, Customized and Responsive

Designed to meet your business model