Introducing Privork Help Portal

What do we offer?

On the Help Port, we will provide you with quick information in the form of

  • Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ
  • Help Articles
  • Support Forums 
  • Customer Services
  • “How to” videos


The FAQ page is a quick way to find solutions to your common inquiries. It will point you where they need to go when you have questions and provides you with links to related content and more in-depth information in the help articles.

Help Articles

The Help articles create a library of information to provide you with a more profound experience of Privork. These structured articles were designed to tackle the most common and complex questions.

Support forums

The support forum is a community where users exchange a flow of information, ideas, and thoughts in regards to their experience with Privork.

Customer Services

Customer service is a direct one-on-one interaction with one of the live representatives providing knowledgeable and ingenious resources.

Line chart of the compliance history evolution

Compliance Score History

Meeting KYC (Know Your Customer) obligations plays a crucial role in building trust with clients. The better you know your customers, the more compliance score

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KYC Summary

How does KYC work? KYC (Know Your Contact in PRIV.DRM)  is a significant element in establishing customers’ identities and understanding the nature of their activities. 

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Document Management in PrivDRM

Documents in Privdrm? Know Your Client (KYC) procedures are a critical function in establishing customers’ identities and understanding the nature of their activities. In PrivDRM, we implemented

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Descirptor Groups and compliance

Descriptor Groups

Logical grouping for descriptors The descriptors are a core feature of PRIV.DRM. They can be a part of the compliance process, risk review, risk assessment,

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