Compliance Score History

Meeting KYC (Know Your Customer) obligations plays a crucial role in building trust with clients. The better you know your customers, the more compliance score is high, and the safer it is to do business with them.

To make it engaging and interactive, the Compliance Data in PrivDRM is easy to interpret and visualize.

Compliance History

Compliance History sums up the Compliance scores and what impacted them in:

  • A Line Chart displaying the graphical representation of the latest trends in Compliance in a range of time of your choice.
  • A Table with a summary of the factors that lead to the change in compliance for each score.

Compliance Timeline

Different users can update clients’ details. So for better traceability of such a process, there is always a way, in PrivDRM, to know who edited the client’s details and when those changes took place.

Timeline updates can be sorted by

  • Users: see the history updates per user.
  • Date range.
  • Type Of Update: it could be comments, compliance fluctuation, general updates…

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